Iconic Nature Collection


A beautiful world
in microcosm

Like a window framing ever-changing landscapes,
the dial conjures scenes from the natural world.

Born of precise technology and textured washi:
A microcosm of beauty. A part of your life.


Features 01

Capturing the fleeting moment
through flower and bird motifs

The Iconic Nature Collection captures fleeting moments of beauty from the natural world and condenses them to fit within a watch dial. The themes for these two limited editions are flowers and birds, objects of aesthetic appreciation that have served as motifs for poetry and painting since time immemorial.

The brilliant blue of the dial of the flower-inspired model captures the moment when the petals of the hydrangea are at their most vibrant. The unique design is created by adding a flower pattern to the traditional auspicious cloisonné pattern of intersecting circles.

The golden eagle is the motif of the bird-themed model with its gorgeous case of Duratect Sakura Pink. (The eagle, of course, is the symbol mark of The CITIZEN brand.) The dial is an abstract evocation of the magnificent bird as it rides the winds and soars gracefully on rising air currents.

Inspired by the natural world, this model takes its design cues from flowers. It expresses the moment when the hydrangea is at its most vibrant hue.
This model takes its inspiration from birds. The dial evokes a golden eagle spreading its magnificent wings and soaring through the air.

Features 02

Subtle dial patterns that reveal
themselves to the wearer alone

Eco-Drive is a CITIZEN proprietary technology that powers watches by converting light into energy. The dial of an Eco-Drive watch must be translucent to ensure that sufficient light reaches the solar cell beneath. We opted to use Tosa washi, an ultra-thin washi paper with a distinctive texture for these limited edition models, because it is light-permeable while also being able to express a sense of nature’s beauty within a limited space. A transparent plate with a gradation created by multiple printings is placed over the washi to conjure the shifting tones of the ever-changing natural world. When the light strikes the dial, the intricate dial pattern becomes visible and presents the wearer with an exquisite vignette for their private delectation.

Features 03

Rigorous Audits. Best Practice certification

CITIZEN is committed to making a better future. As part of our sustainable watchmaking efforts, we have started sourcing leather from tanneries that are in compliance with Leather Working Group (LWG)* standards. The Iconic Nature Collection’s crocodile watch straps use leather from LWG certified tanneries. We are determined to reduce the negative environmental and human impacts of our products. Using LWG certified leather is one of a series of initiatives designed to ensure that everyone who wears a CITIZEN watch can do so with enjoyment and a clear conscience.

Leather Working Group (LWG) is an international not-for-profit organisation. Its members include brands, tanneries and chemical suppliers. LWG evaluates the safety and environmental performance etc. of the leather manufacturing process and awards certification only to tanneries that pass its rigorous audits.

Line Up


Limited edition of 300 units


Washi dial (Tosa washi)/SuperTitanium™/
Crocodile leather band (LWG certified)


Limited edition of 300 units


Washi dial (Tosa washi)/SuperTitanium™/
Crocodile leather band (LWG certified)

Crafting the next ideal:

The eagle mark:
Symbol of The CITIZEN

The eagle symbolises The CITIZEN’s twin commitments to “looking ahead and pursuing the ideal” and to “becoming an integral part of users’ lives.” The mark is discreetly engraved on the dial and crown of some models.


The master artisans who
breathe life into our watches

The CITIZEN watches are made at CITIZEN's special watch workshop nestled deep in the Nagano countryside. They are hand-assembled down to the last component by our highly experienced master watchmaking Meisters.

Next Level Quality