The hand that makes the washi for the dial…
The hand that inspects the materials…
The hand that sketches the design…
The hand that assembles the watch…

Aspiring to be an integral part of your life.

In the pursuit of the next ideal in timekeeping,
The CITIZEN has a passion for making beautiful things.
The living embodiment of superior craftsmanship,
Our watches pass through a succession of skilled hands
Before reaching their ultimate destination:
the wrists of the wearers.

In Hand to Hand Story,
We highlight all the expert hands,
So dexterous, sensitive and thoughtful,
Required for the complex process of watchmaking.

Brand Philosophy

Crafting the next ideal

Next Level Precision

Making watches
with minimal deviation

Your watch should be an integral part of your life, a companion. That is why The CITIZEN sees telling accurate time as its key mission. It wants to mark each individual second of your life with greater purity and precision than any other watch. With both Eco-Drive and mechanical movements, our untiring quest for greater accuracy is ongoing.

Next Level Quality

At every stage,
a refusal to compromise

As one of just a handful of manufactures worldwide, CITIZEN makes every part of its watches in-house. Assembling The CITIZEN watches demands extraordinary skill. That task is performed by our watchmaking Meisters, master craftspeople whose finely-honed instincts breathe life into the products. In our quest for greater elegance and accuracy, we work ceaselessly to improve every individual technology and every component of our watches.

Next Level Design

Timeless elegance
transcending fashion

The CITIZEN believes in clean, simple and practical designs. Our aim is to craft watches that people will want to have on their wrists regardless of transient changes of fashion. We want everyone to enjoy our watches in all sorts of situations and occasions.

Next Level User-friendliness

True customer satisfaction.
Genuine customer delight

We believe that our customers should be able to enjoy our products with absolute peace of mind over decades. At The CITIZEN, we are always asking ourselves the same question: “What constitutes genuine satisfaction for our customers?” Our dedicated staff are there to support you as we work to expand and upgrade all the special services that spark customers delight.