Eco-Drive Is Designed for the Future

Eco-Drive is a proprietary CITIZEN technology that uses energy from light to drive the watch’s movement. The history of its development began 35 years ago with a search for new sources of energy.
This proves to have been successful and longed for in an ever more environmentally conscious world, as the future choice of an eco-friendly watch.

Rigorous research and development have produced watches that never stop under ordinary conditions of usage, watches sold worldwide to universal acclaim. Today, 80% of CITIZEN watches are equipped with Eco-Drive, and their state-of-the-art design has won the hearts of watch lovers around the world.

As we look to the future, we see Eco-Drive as the heart of new generations of watches, in which sophisticated design and highly accurate timekeeping technology are combined. In previous years, our latest advances have been displayed in, for example, our Eco-Drive DOME, Eco-Drive EYES, and Eco-Drive LOOP.

At BASELWORLD 2011, Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE is unveiled.

Powered by light, this new Eco-Drive watch receives signals from the sky to keep it exactly on time, wherever in the world it travels. The combination of CITIZEN’s next-generation watch technology and the near future flair of Tokyo design spells a watch to dream for.

Please see for yourself this latest demonstration of Eco-Drive’s boundless potential.