Eco-Drive RING

Debuting in Spring 2012

Eco-Drive RING was first introduced as a concept model in 2009.
Two years of meticulous research have resulted in improvements in watch face design, features and details. Finally the limited edition will be debuting in Spring 2012.

Its concept is to render visible the essence of Eco-Drive powered by light, and cast it into perfection.

That concept carries through in the design of the watch face and sides. In contrast to earlier Eco-Drive models, in which light is captured through the dial, the light-receiving solar cell that surrounds the watch face and charges its batteries established a radically new concept in watch design. It dramatically transforms the sides of the watch into a significant design element.

Seen head-on, the design appears simple. Its unique features are revealed when the watch is observed from an angle. It is only then that the ring-shaped solar cell, surrounded by a crystal ring, that circle the face becomes visible. The hollow lugs are a necessary design feature to let more light into the solar cell.
Seen from above, the indexes appear to be simple shapes. From the side, they are revealed to be Arabic numerals. These subtle details add to the owner’s pleasure in wearing this watch.

Eco-Drive RING is now, more than ever, an exquisite fusion of beautiful design and power from light.


  • -Calibre 8712 <Eco-Drive>
  • -Date
  • -Moon Phase
  • * The final design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • * Pricing and production volumes to be determined.