Message from the President

Since 1985, when CITIZEN first exhibited at BASELWORLD, we have continued to present extraordinary watches that symbolize the brand.

Combining stunning advances in design with Eco-Drive that enables to keep on running wherever there is light, these watches have won worldwide acclaim.

It is not too much to say that CITIZEN’s history at BASELWORLD is that of Eco-Drive’s evolution. Two years ago, we started presenting concept models to add in our BASELWORLD history. These models showcase the innovation and originality which can only be derived from Eco-Drive, and prove that we as a brand integrate state-of-the-art technology in a very unique form.

Eco-Drive’s evolution yet continues. I am convinced that, as an innovative brand with intelligence and passion, the CITIZEN brand and Eco-Drive future will be appreciated by people the world over.

The boundless appeal of Eco-Drive, the fascination of Tokyo design, the uniqueness of the CITIZEN brand: you will find them all at BASELWORLD 2011.