Eco-Drive: Innovations for the Future

Eco-Drive is a proprietary CITIZEN technology that powers watches by transforming any source of light into energy. Ever since the launch of the world’s first light-powered analogue quartz watch in 1976, the visionary concept behind Eco-Drive has steadily gained popularity. Since the launch in 1995 of Eco-Drive itself, Eco-Drive has been acclaimed worldwide as in keeping with the move towards environmental awareness.

All Eco-Drives are completely light-driven. The concept models released since 2009 and Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE launched in 2011 are the fruits of CITIZEN’s uncompromising commitment to Eco-Drive and CITIZEN’s tireless pursuit of innovation.

But the significance of Eco-Drive goes beyond even its solar technology and environmentally friendliness. CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive takes solar technology and eco-consciousness to a new dimension in its pioneering of new design possibilities—possibilities that both enable and are enabled by the most cutting edge technology—possibilities that open new horizons for watches of the future. An Eco-Drive tells of CITIZEN’s dedication to realising a new vision of our world.

In 2012 CITIZEN also presents two new concept models for women which embody “The Fusion of Technology and Beauty”: Eco-Drive Luna and Eco-Drive Nova. Both are distinctive takes on the shared features of being driven by light and of emitting light that illuminates the watch face. This new leap in the fusion of design and technology puts Eco-Drive in a class of its own. Eco-Drive for women embodies innovations that add new brilliance to the CITIZEN watch experience.