Eco-Drive Nova

CITIZEN’s showcasing of Eco-Drive concept models at BASELWORLD continues in 2012 with the introduction of “light-breathing” Eco-Drive Nova. Being Eco-Drive,this model takes in light as well as emits its own sparkle,providing an unprecedented lustre to its wearer.

Eco-Drive Nova is a symphony of light. Years of research and development by CITIZEN have resulted in a technological breakthrough whereby new materials are used to forge a harmony of expression between light and time. Light rises from within the watch in a dazzling display of the time, creating an eye-catching vibrancy with a subtle afterglow.

The Eco-Drive model offers a vision of timepieces of the future, and show how Eco-Drive technology has evolved to push back the boundaries in even ladies watches.BASELWORLD 2012 offers the rare chance to preview this exclusive model.

Eco-Drive Nova/Black

Eco-Drive Nova/White

Sparkling Light Display
Sapphire Glass
Sparkling Light Display
Sapphire Glass

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