Concept Movie “Lady of Light”

This concept movie introduces a totally new perception of Eco-Drive created by advanced innovations in Eco-Drive. Its revolutionary technology is finally unveiled in Eco-Drive Luna and Eco-Drive Nova, which convert light to energy, not only to power watches but also to emit new light of their own. Their unparalleled features are symbolically expressed in a unique story.

Light moves across the dial of Eco-Drive Nova as if a living being, then transforms into a fairy-like lady of light. The light, running through her body, takes the form of a flowering plant followed by an enormous planet of light, finally returning to the dial of Eco-Drive Luna as it begins to tell time. The light, cycling into different shapes one after another, symbolically expresses the light-creating Eco-Drive’s new sense of vitality and the infinite loop of light energy, as if it is breathing light in and out.


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