Eco-Drive Luna

CITIZEN’s showcasing of Eco-Drive concept models at BASELWORLD continues in 2012 with the introduction of Eco-Drive Luna. Offered in black and white, they take in and also emit light of its own as if “breathing” light.

The beauty of Eco-Drive Luna lies in its understated luxury. Set into the dial of each model are 60 diamonds, every one of which creates a stunning pinpoint of light with each passing second. This feminine design represents a barely kept secret of luxury, incorporating numerous advanced CITIZEN technologies.

The Eco-Drive model is a vision of timekeeping of the future, and show how CITIZEN has pursued evolution in Eco-Drive technology to bring about an innovation in ladies watches. BASELWORLD 2012 offers the rare chance to preview the exclusive model.

Eco-Drive Luna/Black

Eco-Drive Luna/White

Blinking Diamond Seconds
Black Ceramic Bezel
Sapphire Glass
Blinking Diamond Seconds
White Ceramic Bezel
Sapphire Glass

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