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How do I take care of a leather band?


When a leather band has been wet with water or sweat, wipe it off immediately using a dry and soft cloth to absorb the moisture, and take care to not rub the band instead.

<<Precautions when using a leather band>>
・When you have a rash on your skin by wearing a leather band, stop wearing it immediately and consult your physician. It is strongly recommend to replace the band with one made of other materials such as metal or urethane.
・Do not wear the leather band too tightly. Try to leave enough space between the band and your skin to allow adequate ventilation.
・Staining a leather band with substances containing volatile materials, bleach, alcohol may cause discoloration and/or deterioration. Take care.
・Leather bands are made of natural material and will be worn, deformed and discolored over time. Replace it periodically.