How to use

W770 Riiiver

Setting an iiidea

Open the personalization function screen on the dedicated app “CITIZEN Eco-Drive W770” before trying the following steps.


For details to open the personalization function screen, see “Making a Riiiver account/logging in Riiiver”.

  1. Select the type of the iiidea you want to set.
  2. Use this to set an iiidea executed with a trigger such as incoming calls.
    Use this to set an iiidea executed through pressing the two buttons of the watch at the same time.
    Use this to set an iiidea executed through operating the crown of the watch.
    Use this to set an iiidea executed with other triggers.

    The iiidea setting screen is opened.


    For executing an iiidea through operating the buttons or the crown of the watch, see “Executing an iiidea through the watch”.

  3. Tap the switch of the iiidea you want to use to activate it.
  4. Tap this when sorting or removing iiideas.
    This iiidea is currently “deactivated”.
    This iiidea is currently “activated”.
    Tap this to open the description screen of the iiidea.


    You can activate up to 30 iiideas for “Notifications” and “Other iiideas” each and up to 1 iiiea for the actions “Push the buttons simultaneously” and “Pull then Push the crown” each.


    Some iiideas are not able to be activated at the same time.


    When you want to add notifications from social media, download corresponding iiideas using “Adding iiideas”.

Adding an iiidea

  1. Tap “Adding iiideas” on the personalization function screen.
  2. The iiidea Store is opened.

  3. Choose an iiidea you want to add and tap “Download”.
  4. Return to the iiidea setting screen and activate the added iiidea.

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