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Things to avoid

The video in this section looks at some ways of handling wristwatches that are frequently used, but should be avoided.

“Handling a Wristwatch” Don’ts [Part 1]

“Handling a Wristwatch” Don’ts [Part 2]

Don’t 1:
Do you use chemicals (bleach, alcohol, etc.) to clean the watchband?

Chlorine is especially bad. It can cause discoloration. Clean the watchstrap using diluted mild detergent or similar.

Don’t 2:
Do you put your watch in a bag with the tri-fold clasp unfolded?

This can damage the clasp. Close the clasp first.

Don’t 3:
Do you take off your watch and put it in a bag with your smartphone and earphones?

The magnets used in components such as speakers can affect the watch’s accuracy. Keep it away from smartphones or earphones (at least a couple of inches).

Don’t 4:
Did you leave the protective sticker on the case back?

Leaving the sticker on causes dirt to build up and may lead to skin rashes and metal corrosion. Peel off the protective sticker on the case back before using the watch.

Don’t 5:
When taking off a watch with a leather watchstrap, do you bend the watchstrap all the way back?

It can damage the leather. Bend the watchstrap back only moderately when removing it.

Don’t 6:
Do you put your solar powered Eco-Drive watch away in a drawer?

The watch cannot charge and will stop. Leave the watch in a well-lit location (in direct sunlight if possible).

* If the watch has a leather watchstrap
Direct sunlight will cause the leather watchstrap to deteriorate. Wrap the watchstrap in a cloth to shield it from direct sunlight.