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CyberAqualand NX Download

Welcome to Cyber Aqualand Nx Download Site

This is the download page of the most recent update of AQUALAND GRAPH Nx, and CAPgm, the attached software programs of Cyber Aqualand Nx.
Aqualand Graph Nx and CAPgm and USB driver must be installed previously to update to the latest version.

"Acrobat Reader" is necessary to read the explanatory materials.
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The upgrade of AQUALAND GRAPH Nx (for Windows VISTA & Windows 7)AQUALAND GRAPH Nx (17-Jan-2012)
*Minor Bugfix(17-Jan-2012)
*Bugfix of the USB communication unit communication(18-Oct-2011)

AQUALAND GRAPH Nx(for Windows VISTA & Windows 7) (04-Nov-2010)

How to update the AQUALAND GRAPH Nx.


Download:agnx_up_eng.exe 931KB

Release Note.


Communication-Unit driver Patch program. (22-Dec-2005)