Baselworld 2018, the world's largest watch and jewellery show, ran from March 22 to March 27 in Basel, Switzerland. This year's theme for the Citizen Watch Group was "We Celebrate Time." At our Time Theatre booth, which was open to all, we created a space where visitors were inspired to think freely about time and to celebrate their own past and future with us. We exhibited the latest models from the Citizen Watch Group's brands, each of them an embodiment of our desire to create innovative watches for our customers.



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What is time? That is a question we at CITIZEN never stop asking. For us, time is the accumulation of individual seconds, as marked by the second hand of a watch. Life itself is a series of momentary events. It is because we take time so seriously that we believe watches should be as precise as possible-a belief we have held ever since the company was founded in 1918. As a watchmaker, our mission is the pursuit of precision.

This year we unveiled an ultraprecise light-powered movement accurate to ± one second per year: the Calibre 0100. From its own internal mechanism, it tells the precise time, marking the seconds with no deviation in their purest and most refined form. In its self-reliant ability to keep telling the precise time, it is one expression of our pursuit of the essence of the watch. The Calibre 0100 marks the start of the next 100 years of watchmaking.

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The latest CITIZEN models unveiled at Baselworld 2018


This limited edition 100th anniversary collection features Eco-Drive, the light-powered technology which CITIZEN invented and continues to refine. Built around Eco-Drive, the collection consists of nine very different models each of which showcases CITIZEN technologies such as Super TitaniumTM, Radio-Controlled and Satellite Wave GPS. The gold and black colouring is designed to evoke the instant when "light is converted into time."

SATELLITE WAVE GPSCC7005-16G Super Titanium (Duratect DLC) Available in Autumn 2018
ATTESA CC4004-58F Super Titanium (Duratect MRK/DLC+GOLD(Yellow)) Available in Autumn 2018
Eco-Drive Bluetooth BZ1044-08E Super Titanium (Duratect DLC+GOLD(Pink)) Available in Autumn 2018
Eco-Drive Bluetooth EE4058-19E Stainless steel Available in Autumn 2018
PROMASTER AV0077-82E Stainless steel Available in Autumn 2018
PROMASTER CA0716-19E Stainless steel Available in Autumn 2018
xC EC1144-26E Super Titanium (Duratect DLC+Sakura Pink) Available in Autumn 2018
CITIZEN L EM0659-17E Stainless steel Available in Autumn 2018
CA0457-82E Stainless steel Available in Autumn 2018