How to use

W770 Riiiver

Before connecting with a smartphone

Connection outline

This watch communicates with smartphones through Bluetooth Low Energy power-saving communication technology.


Some functions can be used only with the dedicated app such as operating the watch through the app.

The flow of connection is as follows.

  1. Install the dedicated app “CITIZEN Eco-Drive W770” on your smartphone.
  2. !

    To use the dedicated app “CITIZEN Eco-Drive W770”, you must update firmware of the watch and remove the existing dedicated app “CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch”.
    For details, see “W770 and W770 Riiiver”.

  3. Start the dedicated app.
  4. Executing pairing (registration)
  5. Connecting
  6. !

    You can connect/disconnect them any time you like after registration.

In places with restriction on the use of electronic devices

Change the mode of the watch to [CHR] to turn off the connection function of the watch.

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