How to use

W770 Riiiver

Before connecting with a smartphone

Notification indication on the watch

The second hand points the notification indication corresponding to the type of received notification.

Notification indicationSecond hand positionNotification type
CALL55Incoming call notification.
INFO50Notification of mails, SMS, or SNS.
(Link Loss)
45Notification of disconnection.
40Receiving time info or connecting.
It is also indicated while executing an iiidea through operation of the watch.
CHECK35Notification of an error of an iiidea.

Notification sound and vibration

Notification sound and vibration can be added to the indication of the second hand by adjusting settings of iiideas for notification function on the dedicated app.

Notification reception area

Connectable distance between the watch and the smartphone is up to about 10 m (33 feet).
Connectable range may be shorter due to obstacles such as walls. Do not block the watch with your body such as your arm.

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