How to use

W770 Riiiver

Before connecting with a smartphone

Functions available when connected with a smartphone

Functions available through the dedicated app

Pairing (registration) Execute pairing when connecting the watch and your smartphone for the first time.
Power generation amount check Power generation amount of the watcch is displayed on the screen of the app.
Time reception The watch adjusts time and calendar automatically using time info provided from the smartphone.
Setting of iiideas such as that for notification You can execute settings of iiideas for notifications of incoming of SNS message/mails/calls and other iiideas.
Up to 62 iiideas can be set.
Local time You can set times of various area in the world on the watch through the map on the screen of the app.
Alarm You can set alarm times for each day-of-week, activate/deactivate alarm, and adjust sound-emitting times.
Pairing information Use this to check pairing information of up to 3 smartphones registered on the watch.
Firmware update Use it when updating firmware of the watch through the dedicated app.
Protraction of connection time You can set connection time of the watch and the smartphone from 6 hours to 18 hours.
Other settings You can adjust settings of various functions including those of the watch.
Consulting help You can see tutorial, instruction manuals and official website from here.

Functions available with the watch

Power reserve check Power reserve of the watch is indicated.
Pairing (registration) Execute pairing when connecting the watch and your smartphone for the first time.
Changing the connection target You can choose a smartphone to connect with.
The watch can be paired with up to 3 smartphones. You can change the smartphone to connect by switching pairing information stored in the watch.
Connection/disconnection You can connect/disconnect the watch and the registered smartphone.
Notification indication The watch tells you notifications from iiideas equipped with the notification function with the second hand/vibration/sound.
• The watch and your smartphone must be connected and the dedicated app “CITIZEN Eco-Drive W770” must be running.
Canceling the notification indication You can cancel the indication.
• The second hand does not move while indicating notification.
Executing iiieas While the watch is connected with your smartphone, you can execute an iiidea previously assigned to the buttons or the crown of the watch through operationg one of them.
Smartphone search You can make the registered smartphone emit sound with the watch to find it in a room.
Alarm You can set alarm times and activate/deactivate alarm.
Chronograph You can measure up to 60 minutes in 1 second increments.
Check and adjustment of the reference position You can check and correct the reference position of the hands and indication of the watch.

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