Actions CITIZEN is taking

Systematically protecting our forests

FSC® certification

We want to use our precious forest resources responsibly.

Reducing paper usage as much as we can is one of our sustainability goals.
At the same time, we also try to use FSC®-certified* paper for our watch boxes and their internal elements,
as well as for pamphlets and other promotional materials.

FSC® certification supports producers whose products come from materials sourced
from responsibly managed forests, recycled materials or other low risk sources.

Sadly, some wood products on the market still come from illegally harvested trees
or ill-managed and overharvested forest plantations.

Consciously choosing FSC®-certified paper products helps to protect the world’s forests by supporting forest
managers who practice responsible forest management and the regions where they operate.

No one knowingly wants to contribute to illegal logging and environmental degradation.
We all want to pass lush and thriving forests down to the next generation.
That is why CITIZEN is doing what it can to use precious forest resources in a responsible way.

* FSC®: Forest Stewardship Council®/FSC® N002484