Actions CITIZEN is taking

Plastic waste can be turned into things
people treasure


Heaps of plastic bottles left on the beach by the tide.
It’s a sight we’ve all seen.
700 species, endangered species among them, are harmed or killed
by marine waste they get tangled up in or ingest by mistake.
92% of marine waste is ocean plastic.
Right now, there are 150 million tons of ocean plastic in the sea.
Another 8 million tons are added to that every year.
People could be ingesting the equivalent of a credit card’s worth
of plastic every week from the tap water they drink. [Source: WWF]
In Japan only 4% of plastic waste is recycled. [Source: Ministry of the Environment]
That’s the shocking reality behind our convenient and comfortable lives.
UpDRIFT™ was quick to engage with the problem of ocean waste
and at CITIZEN L we admire what they’re doing.
For our watch straps, we are using a textile woven from fibres
made from plastic bottles collected in beach cleanups.
Collect, recycle and reuse for a new and long-lasting product.
What was once waste can be reborn as products that people treasure.
Taking a small step to doing what appears impossible
is a surefire way to change the world’s future path.