What is true happiness?
In an ideal world, we would all be happy.
The small choices you make
can launch a whole train of events.
You can bring a smile to someone’s face.
You can make the world a little bit better.
After all, the world is us, isn’t it?
It’s time for a change.
It’s time for a new me.

New TiMe, New Me

One moment, one thought,
one story can make all the difference.

Changing the world starts with changing yourself.
Supermodel and charity ambassador Ai Tominaga. Fashion designer and champion of ethical manufacturing Chan Luu.
Entrepreneur-philanthropist Yuto Doya of CLOUDY. Kiyoko Ikegami, who fights for female empowerment worldwide through Plan International Japan.
And Kana Maeda, product planning manager of CITIZEN L.
These are the stories of how five exceptional people found their current paths.

Social Responsibility

It may just be one small thing,
but your choices can make the world
a happier place.
CITIZEN is just getting started.


Watches that makes a modest
difference to the world


A pouch that makes a modest
difference to the world


“Collaboration Pouch”

For the duration of the “New TiMe, New Me” campaign, participating stores will give a one-of-a-kind pouch made by craftswoman in Africa to any customer who purchases a special model.