Actions CITIZEN is taking

Victimless Manufacturing

Responsible Minerals Sourcing

A fine watch is a thing of beauty, but if people suffered to make it,
what value can its design and functions possibly have?

Tin, tantalum, gold, tungsten and cobalt.
They’re all minerals you need to make watches.
But they also come with a risk.
At some point in the mining, smelting and refining process,
they could be financing armed groups or making use of child labour.

“True beauty never comes from human misery.”
That’s our philosophy at CITIZEN L.

We’re committed to sourcing minerals untainted by links to human suffering.
We audit our mineral suppliers on an annual basis to verify
that they have third-party certification confirming
their refineries and smelters as human-rights-abuse free.

We don’t want anyone to suffer for our watches.
We’re fully committed to responsible manufacturing.