Actions CITIZEN is taking

A hot-house flower as beautiful
as anything in nature

Lab-grown diamonds

As beautiful as anything in nature Lab-grown diamonds As the name makes clear,
lab-grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds made in laboratories.
As hard and as brilliant as natural diamonds, they have none of their ethical drawbacks.
Hearing the word ‘diamond’ makes us think of diamonds’ role in financing conflicts, and of mining’s negative impacts:
Environmental damage. Physical danger.
Human rights violations including child labour.
Lab-grown diamonds, by contrast, have minimal impact on the environment. Worker safety is also assured.
Natural diamonds are like flowers that bloom in the wild, while lab-grown diamonds are more like hothouse flowers.
Although from different environments, both are beautiful.
CITIZEN has made a deliberate decision to use lab-grown diamonds.
They do no damage to people or the planet and are of consistent high quality.
Natural diamonds have the romance that comes with scarcity.
Lab-grown diamonds represent something different:
A conscious choice to leave a better world for the generations that will come after us.