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HyperAqualand Download

For those who are using AQUALAND GRAPH 2

Download of updated software is available now.Please read the following contents and updating method.

(for Windows VISTA & Windows 7)AQUALAND GRAPH Nx(17-Jan-2012)

*Minor Bugfix(17-Jan-2012)
* The download program "AQUALAND GRAPH 2" has been updated and replaced with "AQUALAND GRAPH Nx".

AQUALAND GRAPH 2 V2.1(For Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP)

Aqualand Graph 2 V2.1 must be installed previously to update to the latest version.
Download full version of Aqualand Graph 2 V2.1.

Download latest update ver.

Last modified Size
ag2v21_up6_eng.exe 12-Sep-2005 1.2MB

USB Driver Download (USB Cable for HYPER AQUALAND)

"USB Cable for HYPER AQUALAND" Instruction for Windowa VISTA (13-Mar-2007)

Last modified Size
For Windows XP 02-Feb-2006 91KB
For Windows 2000 02-Feb-2006 150KB
For Windws 98/SE/Me 02-Feb-2006 160KB

AQUALAND GRAPH 2.0(For Windows 95/NT4.0)

Download V2.04(English Version)

Last modified Size
aqup_en4.exe 22-Mar-2001 1.1M