CITIZEN L Ambuina Limited Edition Absolute light

Moon-glazed sapphire crystal and a Nishijin textile band woven
with kimono-weaving techniques radiate a soft glow that dissolves into the atmosphere.
Time has never before felt so elegant.

Everything is light

A watch is a mechanism for keeping precise time. But time itself is inherently shapeless and nebulous. This watch uses light to unite these two contradictory elements. Everything in this watch—the technology, the glass cover, the case, the bracelet—is an expression and embodiment of light.

CITIZEN L Ambuina Limited Edition “Absolute light”

Feel the transience of light Moon-glazed sapphire glass

The look of the moon-glazed sapphire glass is inspired by the gentle glow of a fog-enshrouded moon. Applying a frosting to high-transparency sapphire glass is our way of making you aware of the rich and ever-changing nature of light.


CITIZEN L Ambuina Limited Edition “Absolute light”

CITIZEN L Ambuina Limited Edition “Absolute light”

Weaving light into fabric Nishijin textile

The watch bracelet is made from Nishijin textile custom-woven by HOSOO, a centuries-old textile mill in Kyoto’s Nishijin district that is dedicated to keeping Japanese craftsmanship alive and up to date. Designed to evoke the flickering transience of light, the bracelet exudes a warm glow that seems to dissolve into the ambient air, radiating elegance within a minimalist aesthetic.

Light. Comfortable. Gentle on the skin

The case is made of Super Titanium™*(solid titanium treated with CITIZEN’s proprietary surface-hardening technology). We made a conscious decision to use a lightweight and comfortable material that even people with sensitive skin can wear with total confidence.

*Treating solid titanium with CITIZEN’s proprietary surface-hardening technology Duratect creates Super Titanium™, a metal with over five times the hardness of stainless steel. Resistant to scratches, lightweight and gentle on the skin, Super Titanium™ is a pleasure to wear.

Technology to turn light into energy

Eco-Drive is a CITIZEN core technology that generates energy even from dim light and stores the surplus on a power cell. It is environment friendly and keeps running for over six months on a single full charge even in the dark, eliminating the need to replace batteries.
Just as plants convert light into energy through the process of photosynthesis, so Eco-Drive drives the hands of our watches. That is one of the key concepts behind the Ambiluna collection.

Eco-Drive: How It Works

Movement G620-00M
Case Material Super Titanium
Eco-Drive Runs 8 months on full charge
Accuracy ±15 seconds per month
Glass Sapphire glass (Sphere)
Others Moon-glazed sapphire crystal,
Nishijin textile band,
special wooden-box, Nishijin textile-made bangle,
Nishijin textile clutch bag comes with the watch as a set

A new way to style your watch

The Ambiluna Limited Edition Model comes with a clutch bag and a bangle both made of the same Nishijin textile as the watch bracelet. We’re proposing a new way for you to enjoy your watch that goes beyond the telling of the time.

A new way to style your watch

  • A new way to style your watch
  • A new way to style your watch
  • A new way to style your watch


Masataka Hosoo

“Rarefied and sophisticated, Nishijin fabric can be incorporated into modern items in original ways.”

Masataka Hosoo

Masataka Hosoo was born in 1978 to the Hosoo family, one of the oldest manufactures of Nishijin textile. HOSOO, founded in 1688, produces a range of Japanese apparel and textiles including works by artisans designated as National Human Treasures by the Japanese government. After graduating from university, Mr Hosoo worked as a musician and then for a major jewellery manufacturer. After a period spent studying in Florence, he joined the family textile mill in 2008. In 2009, he launched a new business to promote fabric using the materials and weaving technique of Nishijin obi (kimono sashes) internationally. The fabric is now found in some stores of luxury fashion brands around the world. Recently, Mr Hosoo has been active as a member of GO ON, a collaborative venture of Kyoto craftspeople who create novel designs for the international market. In 2014, he was chosen as one of Japan’s 100 Most Influential People by Nikkei Business magazine. Mr Hosoo created a special Nishijin textile to express the flickering transience of light for Ambiluna.


Masaya Kushino

The Nishijin clutch bag and bangle:Equal parts tradition and innovation

Masaya Kushino

Masaya Kushino is an artist who lives in Kyoto. The shoes that he creates are so original that they are closer to works of art than to articles of clothing. A favourite with Lady Gaga, his creations have caught the attention of the worldwide art community. One of Mr Kushino’s projects is ATELIER KUSHINO, a creative fashion brand that aims to create shoes and bags to match modern lifestyles. In collaboration with WAO, a movement to revive and promote traditional crafts, we asked Mr Kushino to create a special clutch bag and bangle of Nishijin textile to accompany our new CITIZEN L Ambiluna Limited Edition Model. The result is a set of uniquely stylish accessories that offer traditional Japanese quality and set off the watch to even greater advantage. “Rarefied and sophisticated, Nishijin fabric can be incorporated into modern items in original ways.”