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CITIZEN Eco-Drive W510 (Movement: W510)

CITIZEN Eco-Drive W510


Android OS 8.0 - 12.0
iPhone iOS 12.0 - 15.7
Bluetooth 4.2 - (Bluetooth Low Energy)


Distribution condition of the dedicated app for the watch might vary by country or region. This dedicated app is only available in specific countries or regions under the watch sales territory.

When your smartphone is not compatible with the dedicated app, the app cannot be installed.

Even if your smatphone is under the conditions above, there is no guarantee to use the dedicated app correctly on your smartphone.

Even if the watch cannot receive the time information from your smartphone through the dedicated app, the watch keeps ±15-second monthly accuracy.

After the end of manufacturing the watch, the update of the dedicated app might be stopped.


About Riiiver

You can customize up to three extended functions for the watch on the dedicated app and use them on the watch to indicate various information.
This extended function is called "iiidea".
For more information of iiidea, see the web site below:



This watch (W510) is connected with a smartphone through Bluetooth wireless communication technology to provide various functions.
Even when not connecting with your smartphone, the watch works as an analogue Eco-Drive watch.
Because this watch emits radio waves for Bluetooth connection, it shall be governed by the laws and regulations concerning radio wave in the country or region where it is used.
Countries and regions where this watch is certified are different depending on its model.
Check the model name on the case back to find out the countries and regions.

  • Distribution condition of the dedicated app for the watch may vary depending on your region. For details, consult an authorized service center in your area.

Example of model name position
The engraving position may differ depending on watch model.

Last update September 19, 2019
Argentina NO
Australia YES
Austria YES
Belgium YES
Bolivia NO
Bulgaria YES
Canada YES
China NO
Colombia YES
Croatia YES
Cyprus YES
Czech Republic YES
Denmark YES
Ecuador YES
Estonia YES
Finland YES
France YES
Germany YES
Greece YES
Hong Kong SAR YES
Hungary YES
Iceland YES
India NO
Indonesia NO
Ireland YES
Italy YES
Japan YES
Korea NO
Latvia YES
Liechtenstein YES
Lithuania YES
Luxemburg YES
Malaysia NO
Malta YES
Mexico YES
Netherlands YES
New Zealand YES
Norway YES
Panama YES
Peru YES
Philippines NO
Poland YES
Portugal YES
Romania YES
Singapore NO
Slovak Republic YES
Slovenia YES
South Africa NO
Spain YES
Sweden YES
Switzerland YES
Taiwan Region YES
Thailand NO
Turkiye YES
United Kingdom YES
United States YES
Vietnam YES

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